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I’m ready to book! What’s next?

I am so excited to tell your story! To book just hit the contact tab at the top of this page and fill out the form. The more detail you give, the better! I will send over my pricing guide upon receiving your inquiry and answer any questions you may have. From here a proposal will be sent containing a contract and invoice. A signed contract and non-refundable retainer is required within a 48 hour window and the date will be secured just for you! The remaining balance is due the week of the session.

How far in advance should I book?

For weddings I begin booking up to a year in advance. I limit the amount of weddings I take per month to ensure I have the time to focus on each one individually, so it’s worth reaching out sooner rather than later to reserve your date! For sessions I tend to book in 3 month blocks. The earlier you touch base the better!

What time & locations do you shoot?

Lighting is super important for beautiful images. I aim to shoot during “golden hour.” This is an hour after sunrise (hello early birds) or an hour before sunset. For in home sessions, I generally try to book mid morning. Feel free to check out my work and see if there are particular settings you feel drawn too. I have several frequent locations I use in the Nanaimo area and also love when clients have a location that means something special to them, so please share what your envisioning. I am based out of Nanaimo but always up for travel. If travel over an hour is required, additional fees may apply so please inquire for a custom travel quote.

I’m so excited to see my photos!! How long is your turn around time?

Eee I’m so excited to share them!! I am often able to turn around general sessions within 2-4 weeks. Weddings you can expect to wait around 4-8 weeks. I try to get your images back to you as soon as possible, while still making sure each photos gets the attention it needs. Yes, you can probably expect a sneak peak ;)

How many photos will we receive? Do you provide raw images?

For weddings it is dependant on the amount of time you hire me- I don’t have a cutoff as far as number of images go. I select and edit the ones I believe best capture your day in full. For sessions your choice of 50 images with the option to purchase additional. These images are yours to download, print and keep. I will never release my raw files! I trust you have chosen me with confidence in my style.

What if the weather is bad?

I am all for embracing the weather as Vancouver Island can be very unpredictable. For weddings, we take what we get and make the best of it. I generally will not move session dates for cold or overcast conditions. If weather is extreme and we are not able to move ahead we can definitely plan for another day. Please understand there may be a wait to rebook your session.

What if we need to reschedule or cancel?

Life happens, and sometimes we cannot control the circumstances. If we need to reschedule, I am more than happy to figure out alternatives together and discuss new dates. To set a new date, a new deposit will need to be made. In the event of needing to cancel, the initial retainer and any previous payments made upon booking are non refundable.

What do we wear?

I want your photos to reflect the truest version of yourself- that being said I know how hard it can be to pick outfits and have torn my house apart trying to put together outfits for photos. I always suggest neutral colours/earthy tones and keeping things timeless. And of course- wear something you feel comfortable in! For sessions, I do offer a small client closet in various sizes to help complete your wardrobe with those last missing pieces.

Do your wedding collections include an engagement session?

I highly recommend all weddings clients book a couples session with me. This gives us time to get to know each other, chat about your big day and have you feeling relaxed behind the camera and confident in my shooting style. I do offer a complimentary couple session for all my weddings booking of 6+ hours. For wedding bookings less than 6 hours I offer couple sessions at 50%. There is no financial compensation should you choose not to use the complimentary session.

Do you photograph smaller, shorter weddings?

You betcha! I love simple, intimate, weddings. Let me know your plans in the contact form and I can give you a custom quote!

What if my kids aren’t happy/my newborn needs to feed etc?

I get it, I have two of my own. Please do not worry for a second. Need to change a diaper- go for it, need 10 mins to feed your newborn- I’m totally expecting it. Kiddos having a meltdown? It happens! We’ll take a minute to allow you to comfort your child. Try to focus on staying relaxed, connected, close together and let me worry about the rest. I will step back and capture those sweet moments from afar and come back when the time is right. If something isn’t working we will move on.

Can I bring the whole family?

For motherhood sessions, I am focused on the intimate bond between parents and their children. I choose not to offer extended family sessions.

When is the best timeframe maternity or newborn session?

For maternity, I love to leave it up to the momma. Some moms feel small and want to wait longer, some feel too uncomfortable at the end and prefer to shoot earlier. Around 30-35 weeks is a safe window. As for newborn- each week is so perfect and beautiful. With my lifestyle approach for newborn photography I don’t necessarily need the under ten day sleepy window as I don’t use props or do baby posing. I shoot within the first 6 weeks of your little ones life and only reschedule sessions if baby hasn’t arrived by the time of our shoot or you are in the hospital. Please reach out as soon as you can after their arrival.

Did I miss anything?

If I did, reach out to me with your question. I'm happy to help!

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