Jesus Washes Feet & The Last Supper: Easter Part II

Easter is almost here, and though I still don’t feel the warmth outside, watching my children engage in our little Easter lessons brings a warmth to my heart. These stories I have heard since childhood find greater richness as I engage in them personally. I am quite honestly humbled each time we venture into a new lesson- It is funny how you can grow up with stories your whole life but never fully embrace their significance.


This story helped the littles see that Jesus helps, Jesus serves, Jesus is humble, and so much more. The kids took turns painting feet, making feet hearts and then washing each others feet. It was so sweet watching them do this and such an easy way to talk about serving one another.

I asked my daughter, “Why do you think Jesus washed everyones feet?” She replied, “He loved them so much mommy.”


  • Washable Paint
  • Large paint brush or sponge brush
  • White paper
  • Scissors to cut out heart shape
  • Baby wipes (wash the paint off little toes)

THE LAST SUPPER: Luke 22:7-20 (Matt 26:26-29) (Mark 14:22-25)

The last supper the kids seemed to enjoy. We used snack foods to connect with the story (pretzels and tart cherry juice) and I asked them to set the table for their snack, which they both did so proudly.

I took some time for myself to look into shared meals in the bible and what they represent.

“In the early pages of Genesis, humanity is invited to a meal that gives life. Then, throughout the Bible, meals instructed by God both mark the covenant promises he makes with his people and invite his people to never forget his love and faithfulness toward them. They are to remember the fact that he alone is their true source of life.” – Bible Project

Though still little for communion, I explained to them we still remember Jesus by eating and drinking with people who really love Him- this is called communion.

Last Sunday, our pastor spoke about communion and after church I said to my husband I felt it was a concept I had never taken time to understand well.

In taking the time to teach my children about Jesus, I am always humbled and challenged to gain deeper revelation for myself. If my kids see anything now, I truly hope it is that their momma is still learning and there is a never-ending depth to God that is worth our whole lives of leaning into.

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